Respite care & Adult Day care

Respite Care

In Home Health Care Services in Traverse City, Michigan offers home respite care or short-term care and elderly respite care. Respite care is a convenient option when planned or unforeseen circumstances require you to seek temporary assistance for your loved one.

Respite care also provides the family members or home caregiver with the ability to take a short break from their care-giving duties. The physical and emotional toll of caring for a family member can becoming overwhelming without additional supports. Respite care services you can expect to receive from a home health care aide include but are not limited to:

  • Informal family support and relief
  • Help with supervision
  • Recreational activities or visiting
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Personal care
When deciding on respite care there are some things to remember
Involve your loved one in the decision

As the home caregiver planning for time off from your caregiving duties, make sure to keep your loved one in the loop. Get their input when deciding on how much time you will be away. Ensure them that they will benefit from you being more relaxed and refreshed.

Assess your needs as the caregiver

Make a list of what care will be needed in your absence. Also decide if the respite care provider will need any special skills or training to be able to stay with your parent.

Stay organized

Use a calendar to assist you with home health care aides.  Always include time for yourself and note it on the calendar.

Adult Day Care

Adult day care or senior day care is another option to relieve family members or home caregiver from their care-giving duties. This gives the care-giver a few hours for themselves, while we supervise your loved one. Sometimes adult day care is a “drop off” facility. It all depends on what works best for the home caregiver and individual. Our team can fulfill any special needs you may have.

If you think that respite care or adult home day care may work well for you and your loved one, In-Home Health Care Services will work with you to customize a short-term care plan for the individual and family in need. Whether assistance is needed a few hours a day or for a full 24 hours, our staff is eager to fulfill any special requirements. Contact us today for a free consultation.